I'm a RamseyTrusted SmartVestor Pro

Clayton J. Winkler is the RamseyTrusted SmartVestor Pro in Oakland County

Early in Clayton's career, he was introduced in 2003 to Dave Ramsey through the Financial Peace University curriculum and has been a SmartVestor Pro for many years.  Clayton greatly supports the mission and efforts of Dave Ramsey. Empowering and Educating people to help them make the best decisions with their financial resources is a passion for Clayton.

People might ask, “Why should I choose to work with you, Clayton?”  Or – they might ask “What makes you different from other advisors out there?”

Clayton is RamseyTrusted.

Being RamseyTrusted Means:

• Clayton values serving over selling

• Clayton has the heart of a teacher

• Clayton is alongside of Ramsey Fans and their journey from start to finish

• Clayton is completely in line with Ramsey Mission.

• Clayton provides top-notch service. Every time.

• Clayton works directly with the Ramsey Team to make sure he's meeting their high standards.

These are many of the items that go along with being RamseyTrusted - and we are proud of that!

Clayton adhears to The SmartVestor Pro Code of Conduct.

With over 20 Years of experience as a Financial Advisor, Clayton believes that long term financial health is significantly dependent upon a client's understanding of the market, risks, taxes, investment options, goals, strategies and other factors effecting the outcome of a client's wealth building plan.

Clayton subscribes to The SmartVestor Pro Code of Conduct, which is the general expected conduct and general personal finance philosophy of a SmartVestor Pro as affirmed by Dave Ramsey & Ramsey Solutions.

As someone who believes in both the Certified Financial Planning Code of Conduct - AND - The SmartVestor Pro Code of Conduct, my clients can rest assured that Clayton's beliefs and conduct are aligned with the following:

• Clayton will not engage in unlawful, illegal, or unethical conduct, especially such conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, which reflects adversely on my trustworthiness, professional competence, and fitness.

• Clayton consents to initial and ongoing screening of the FINRA Broker Check, as well as remain clear of any criminal history or bankruptcy.

• Clayton is not subject to any tax liens and is not unlawfully evading or delinquent with respect to any federal, state or local taxes.

• Clayton affirms that eliminating debt and investing for the long-term is a good way to build wealth and prepare for retirement.

• Clayton recommends that clients have a reasonable emergency fund or savings before they start investing in non-liquid investments in the usual case.

• Clayton commits to prompt and responsive client service. He aspires to and exercises best efforts to contact new and current clients quickly, within 24 hours or as soon as practicable under the circumstances.

• Clayton is not subject to any mandatory policies preventing him from working with all types of clients, regardless of account size, preferences, or background.

• Clayton is familiar and generally agrees with Ramsey Solutions' mission and personal finance principles of its products and services.

• Clayton does not exclusively offer proprietary products. With respect to its clients, Clayton does not have, nor promote any type of proprietary products.  Since Clayton belongs to an “Independent” Broker Dealer, there is no opportunity for him to offer something considered proprietary.

• Clayton affirms that considering potential market returns, premiums, and costs to the client, whole life or cash value life insurance is not a prudent use of most clients' funds. 

Therefore, in his interactions with clients, Clayton actively endeavors to help clients become knowledgeable and educated concerning the client's personal finances, investments, and overall financial plan.